Floral Pink Sampler - Patterned Adhesive Vinyl - 12 designs included

  • $13.00

Note:  When ordering these products, please allow up to 4 additional days of processing before your order is shipped.

Printed on permanent Oracal 651 equivalent vinyl (Orajet)

These sheets have vivid colours and a gloss finish not rendered well by the pictures.

This vinyl is outdoor durable for up to 3 years and may be used on projects just like your regular Oracal or other brands of non-patterned vinyl.  However, due to its printed nature, if it will be exposed to the elements or in contact with water or hands on a regular basis, we highly recommend you use the clear coat finish. 

The Sampler contains each of our 12 designs from the Pink Floral Collection.  Each design measures 6" x 6" for a full sheet of 12" x 36" in total. 

We offer these designs in the regular size and in the petite (condensed) size with a ratio of 4 to 1.


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