Heat Transfer Foil and Adhesive (12"x12")

  • $4.75

The look of foil at a reasonable price. 

You will get a metallic finish for a fashionable effect on any garment or promotional piece. 

Available in 20 different colours.  You may purchase a bundle of all 20 colours, the foil and adhesive together,  foil sheets individually as well as the adhesive sheets only.  Each sheet measures approximately 12"x12"

Note that Foil no matter how it is applied, will not last forever. Foil is a specialty item and does not take the abrasion as well as other materials. Garments on which it has been applied should preferably be washed by hand and hung to dry; this can extend the length of time the foil will look good.

The following video will provide plenty of information on the application of this product.


An application instruction sheet has been included in the images.  You may print it by right "clicking" on it.