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InkTra Opaque

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InkTra Opaque comes in individual 8 1/2 x11 inches sheets and is suited for dark coloured fabrics.

Inktra Opaque

InkTra™ Opaque transfer paper allows you to
use photos, logos, text and more to create personal
and memorable attire. Create excellent full color
transfers for application on dark colored fabrics
with your ink printer.

Inktra Opaque

- Designed for smooth, jam-free feeding

- Your transfers won’t blur or smear, and there’s no yellowing after  application.

- Specially formulated to provide vibrant
printed colors, long wear and great washability.

  1. Time: 35 seconds
  2. Temperature:
    280°F (138°C)
  3. Pressure: Firm (#7-8) based
    on Hotronix® heat press
    or 70-80 PSI on air operated
    presses, peel away kraft paper hot
  4. Comments: Preheat garment
  5. Designed for printing:
    100% cotton (preshrunk),
    100% polyester,
    poly/cotton blends, fleece


You may download the application instructions by following this link:


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