751 Oracal Marine grade - Rolls from 5 to 50 yards

  • $33.75

Oracal 751 is an ideal choice for permanent and longer-term outdoor graphics, especially on boats and products that come in contact with water. It's is available in 22 colours.

Although it may be used on glassware and other washable objects, we can't guarantee the adherence of the product in high heat water temperatures. We recommend hand wash using mild dish soap and avoid soaking.

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Please note the colour samples shown here were created using the exact RBG formula, but your screen may not reflect the exact color of vinyl.

Per the Oracal spec sheets (or the Oracal USA app available for iPhone and Android), the temperature resistance of Oracal 651 film is -40° F through +176° F.   Oracal 751 is rated up to 230° F - ditto for Oracal 951.

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